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  • All candidates must study the prospectus before applying for admission.
  • The ‘CNM Admission Committee’ shall announce the admission schedule and call applicants for admission to Generic BSN & Post RN BSN Programs.
  • The candidates shall submit their Admission forms by hand at Students Affairs Section, CNM.
  • Forms received by Post, urgent mail, courier service or any other means shall not be entertained.
  • No admission form will be accepted after the due date for submission.
  • The Admission/scrutiny committee shall process all valid applicants and attached documents for eligibility to entry test.
  • The final merit list will be uploaded on BKMC website and the candidates shortlisted for interview will be highlighted.
  • The date of interview will be notified on the website along with the list of shortlisted candidates.
  • Objections, if any, be submitted in writing to the Chairman CNM Admission Committee/Principal CNM within two days after the merit list is displayed, to rectify any errors or omissions.
  • Candidates who do not appear in the interview, will be considered as drop outs and next candidates on merit list will be called for interview.
  • After interview, the selected candidates will be contacted through phone calls and text message for submission of fee/dues and required documents.
  • No candidate will be admitted unless he/she has paid the fee and other dues.
  • All dues must be paid by the due date (within one week of interview), otherwise the admission of defaulting students will be cancelled and next candidate on merit list will be considered for admission.
  • All certificates or any other documents submitted with the application form will be subject to verification.
  • Any candidate whose documents are found incorrect/forged, or has provided incorrect data, rendering him/her ineligible for admission under the rules, will be struck off from the college roll and legal action may be taken under the criminal and civil law against him/her.
  • Upon admission, the students will have to submit all the original documents in the CNM Students Affairs Section. The documents will be returned on completion of the course.
  • A written application for cancellation of admission with suitable reasons will be required if any selected student wants to cancel his/her admission at any stage of the program.
  • The students will have to sign a legal stamp paper (specimen will be provided), confirming that in case of leaving the college due to any reason, at any stage, he/she will not claim for fee refund. In addition, one lac (100000/PKR) Pakistani rupees will be charged as penalty from the student.