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  • CNM offers Four Scholarships to students of Generic BSN (4-Years degree program). The scholarship covers the tuition fee only. Students availing the scholarships are liable to pay all other fees including PNC and KUM registration fee, admission fee, KMU Examination fee, hostel fee etc.
  • Two Merit Scholarships will be awarded to top position holder students in the class on the basis of scoring in the merit list upon entrance into the program and then based on scoring in the final exam of Khyber Medical University (KMU) in each semester.
  • The Merit Scholarships may be transferred to other students if the students receiving the scholarship fail to maintain the top positions in the next KMU semester exam.
  • Two Poverty Scholarships will be awarded to the neediest and deserving students who will be evaluated on the basis of evidences provided through a CNM scholarship Performa.
  • The award of scholarship will be decided by CNM Scholarship Committee.
  • The award of poverty scholarship will be subject to achieving minimum passing percentage in all subjects after initial award.
  • In case, the students fail to maintain passing percentage in the subsequent KMU semester examination after getting the initial poverty scholarship, the scholarship will be withdrawn for that semester.
  • The poverty scholarship withdrawn, will not be awarded to students other than those declared as deserving upon entrance into the program by the CNM Scholarship Committee.
  • The poverty scholarship withdrawn, will be re-awarded to the same students after achieving the required GPA again in the next semesters.
  • The scholarship award once decided by the CNM Scholarship Committee will be given in the form of waving off the semester tuition fee.